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About Nick

My name is Nick VanVorst.  I have been working in the mortgage industry for over a decade and have closed a countless number of loans with wide variety of lending scenarios. Because we are a wholesale mortgage lender we are equipped with flexible mortgage programs beyond what a bank or credit union may offer. This allows me to handle those “hard to get done loans” while avoiding the red tape that can slow down the process in a time sensitive situation.

Banks and credit unions typically have higher FICO credit score and larger down payments requirements. We offer mortgage loans for almost all lending scenarios including borrowers with past bankruptcy’s or foreclosures, short job time, low down payment etc.

We also have premium interest rates and terms for conventional borrowers with excellent credit.

We offer mortgages that allow renters a chance to become home owners with less then a 20% down payment. I’ve helped mortgage clients with Chapter 13 buy outs, cash out refinances, zero down loans, and FHA mortgages with little down payment for many years.

I have helped many borrowers over the years and would love the opportunity to help you purchase or refinance your own home.

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