Document Checklist

New Loan Checklist

What we need from you?

Proof of Identity
  • Driver’s License (front and back)
  • Social Security Card
  • Permanent Resident Alien ID Card (if applicable)
  • Employment Authorization Card (if applicable)
  • Visa or Green Card (if applicable)
  • Marriage license if recently married in the last 12 months
  • If you have been divorced in the PAST 5 years we will need a copy your divorce decree (all pages, signed by the judge) and any child support orders for any minor children you have under the age of 18.  Your attorney can provide you with a copy of these items if you do not have them handy
Proof of Income
  • Most Recent 30 Days Paycheck Stubs from your employer (Please send updated paycheck stubs over every time you get paid until we close your loan)
  • Most Recent W-2 forms for the most recent two years
  • Self-Employed:  Signed copies of your Personal and Business Tax Returns (all pages and Schedules) for the previous 2 years.
  • For Social Security, Disability, or Retirement Income that will continue for at least 3 more years – Awards Letter, 1099’s, and 2 months of bank statements from the bank account the SSI income was deposited into. Proof of receipt of SSI income.
  • Rental Income:  Current Rental/Lease Agreements if you own Rental Property
Proof Assets
  • Most Recent 2 Months Bank Statements from all of your bank accounts (all pages with bank logos) – or a 60 day account history printout showing your name, account number and available balance.  If you are getting 60 day transaction history printouts from your bank (instead of bank statements) make sure the printout is signed, stamped, and dated by the bank teller on each page to authenticate it.
  • Most Recent Asset Statements for IRAs, 401Ks, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, etc… (all pages even if blank)
  • Gift Funds Documentation – If you are receiving gift funds for assets to close your loan please provide a Gift Letter signed by all parties. We will send you the gift funds letter with the 10 10 statement on it for you to fill out and sign.  We will also need a copy of the canceled gift funds check, wire receipt or account statement proving the funds came from the donor’s account and documentation of the gift funds are currently available in your bank account.  The best way to satisfy this requirement is to get a stamped, signed and dated 60 day print out from your bank after the gift funds clear your account


Home Owners Insurance
  • Homeowner’s Insurance quote from your insurance agent. Please start shopping around for homeowners insurance quotes once your offer is accepted by the sellers


Miscellaneous Items (if Applicable)
  • Final Divorce Decree, Child Support orders, or Separation agreement (signed by the judge). We must have ALL pages of each applicable item, and it must be signed by the judge
  • Copy of Bankruptcy papers (all pages) and a copy of the BK Discharge

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